A bad day

I thought being able to live would ease my system. Unfortunately, my hands and feet are freaking out and going suddenly, rapidly downhill on pretty much the same trajectory as a week ago. I’m having the natural feelings that all artists, crafters, musicians and handyfolk have as they contemplate a plate of wieners at the end of each hand and wonder if this is finally it.

Reaction setting in? Perhaps. It occurred to me that even a surge of _positive_ emotion is still a huge shock to a fragile system. What I know for sure is that today has been the worst pain day I can recall. Off the charts.

Lacking a boyfriend, I’m contemplating my next pet: something with rough fur, since cuddling with texture helps my arms’ skin normalize sensation a bit. That could help.

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2 Replies to “A bad day”

  1. Thank you 🙂

    I took a megadeath pain pill last night, boosted it with an anti-nausea med that coincidentally puts me to sleep, and woke up feeling remarkably human with less-swollen hands. A friend talked me into going hot tubbing at about the time you sent your good thoughts, and I’m nearly back to normal (whatever that means). Quite a recovery!

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