Metabolic moon dance

My digestion is not happy.

Between the stress of househunting (and the way that forces us into other families’ dreadful dramas), some really egregious motels, and too many things hanging fire for too long…

Plus taking that spirochete-assassinating, gut-grating antibiotic doxycycline for three weeks (19 days, actually; those last four pills, I almost vomited just looking at them)…

With a bit too much pain and dysautonomia for a little too long…

Amidst, of course, the infinitely complex metabolic moon dance of CRPS…

In consensus reality,
this is a shot of my old marina’s night lights…
but it’s a great visual metaphor for the body events of CRPS. Fling!
Image c.2008

… Well, things have been better.

They could be a great deal worse, but really, they could be rather better.

I haven’t been able to keep up my kale shakes, because the indigestion is too energy-sappingly unpleasant. My sweetie made a remark the other day that gave me a clue I want to pursue: don’t mix fruits and vegetables.

I used to know that.

I’m going to try berries with kefir and nut butter as the morning shake, and kale with avocado, cabbage and broth in the evening. (And, for the record, I’ve reconfirmed that organic berries are a lot less nauseating in this hotwired system.)

This assumes, of course, that I can get all the ingredients… Handle the blender… Have a place to plug it in… And somewhere to rinse it out afterwards… In the midst of homeless upheaval and chaos… Twice a day.

Editorial comment is useless. There are times when my natural wryness is wholly inadequate to real life.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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6 Replies to “Metabolic moon dance”

  1. Worldwide Awareness Campaign Please Help

    There may be as many as 106 million un/misdaignosed suffers of the Worlds Most Painful incurable condition so people and sites from around the world are coming together to turn November 2013 into International RSD Awareness Month, currently only America has a National Awareness Month.
    Please spare 5 1/2 mins to watch this video but be aware you may find some of the images disturbing.
    it is vital that you watch it to the end
    If you are newly diagnosed I strongly suggest you do not watch it.
    If you live in the UK please sign
    E-mail the link to your MP asking why since being informed on 30/10/2010 David Cameron, Nick Clegg and The DOH have refused to do anything about the situation.
    You can also send it to some members of the House of Lords.
    No matter where you live in the world can you please sign here

    If you live in another Country can you start your own petition and send the link to your own Politicians
    If you are willing to commit to spending 15mins a day for 4 weeks then 15mins a week to help spread this then please e-mail me on. or join me on facebook

    1. I’m rather horrified that sending UK physicians to the US for training is seen as a good thing. There are very few places that provide effective treatment and very, very few physicians who really know what’s going on with RSD/CRPS. It would have to be a lot more specific.

      I’m also not a fan of “enlightenment through horror”, because people tend to shrink from what’s too terrible to see, rather than be inspired by it. Only in the context of fictional entertainment is misery compelling.

      Sadly, the true horror of this disease has to be concealed from those we seek to make our allies. Those who won’t be moved by the simple facts of our lives, they won’t be moved by horror; judging by recent British Ministers’ behavior, they laugh at it. Literally.

      Threaten to take their binkies away. We and our allies need to find ways to bring pressure against their profits and the systems that allow them to bury us for their own benefit. That’s it.

    2. I’m HUGELY in favor of making 11/2013 an INTERNATIONAL CRPS/RSD Awareness Month, though.

      For a disease that was first described almost 400 years ago, it’s astounding and appalling how little known it still is.

  2. I’m so sorry for the gastro-struggling.. . I empathize and unfortunately, synchronize with your nauseating trials… One idea that goes well with your new am/pm concepts; kale is among the greens which, according to master herbalist and wise woman Susun Weed is best “over-cooked” to break the minerals from being bound in indigestible forms. Many will talk about how the nutrient levels in greens are higher when they’re raw, but it doesn’t help you if your body can’t get the minerals out… anyways, I applaud the broth idea..since I seem to recall that you are not vegetarian, I suggest bone broth as part of the picture too… extreme nutrient rich brain and body food… now if only I could tolerate the brassicus family and manage the concept of eating some part of something that used to have a face, I’d join you for some manna for crps bodies broth! Ah well, eat it without me, in good health (in your new home sweet home on wheels!) Bone appetite! (couldn’t help myself)

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