Anagrams and T-shirt designs for the irreverent

This started when someone posted a t-shirt design that said, “RSD: Really Sucky Disease.” (RSD is the old name for CRPS.) I thought that was a wonderful way to recast it, and a good conversation starter. So that got me going on CRPS.

Enjoy — and please, feel free to add more…


Range of

(that’s a thinly-disguised commentary on how profitable it is to treat CRPS)


I could go on, but I won’t… I’m looking forward to seeing what others come up with.

What would you wear? And what style of shirt would you like to wear it in?

Here’s another idea I had:

Pale blue women's T-shirt with "C.R.P.S.: like craps without the A", and the A is painted on half a pair of dice.
Text: C.R.P.S. like CRAPS without the A.

In one version, the back says, “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: It’s weird. It’s random. It’s harsh. IT’S REAL.”

But that’s a little discouraging.

I’ll work on it.

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5 Replies to “Anagrams and T-shirt designs for the irreverent”

    1. You bet! What custom-design shirt shops do you have in the UK? Does CafePress port overseas automatically?

      Once I can find out how to make them available there (and in the rest of Europe, and Australia…) I’d be ecstatic to know people were wearing these and getting people eddykated — with a grin 🙂

  1. actually I kinda like it, because it is that shocking for us when we are first diagnosed, my Dr calls it Crips (instead of saying CRPS) you tell me if that ain’t harsh.

    1. OMG. My pain psychologist — who lives in LA, for heaven’s sake! — called it Crips once. I told her I wasn’t a gang member 🙂

  2. Hello , I have aquired this pleasant dysfunction 3.5 years ago . I crushed my knee and they guess the mash that was created settled in my right ankle/foot . so there it started . In 3 days my left ankle/foot decided to join in the fun and I have had little time without being in a flare sit …… I could go on .
    I get pissed off when I type things 2 sometimes 3 times as I keep having what I call “IBM”‘s – Involuntary Body Movements .
    They require me to edit all the extra letters I type . One big word you should see some of the words face book autocorrect comes up with .
    I hope for everyone to be comfortable and be around people who may not have or understand the things that come with CRPS/RSD , but they are willing to appear to listen and poss. they are .
    Sometimes we just need to whine and complain , and lastly could people maybe remember the things we have said because it is really irritating when people ask the same questions . Not only is it disrespectful , you come across as someone that we just end up having no time for and you won’t last a few months before we stop talking to you …. John Z.

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