Peripatetic Stealth Gimp

Last week, I was in California, doing good and necessary things.

This week, I’m in Massachusetts, doing different necessary things.

I have to find a doctor in LA (long story) and soon will have to be there.

Meanwhile, I’m tired of being this sick and am determined to interview some patients and practitioners, make the time to put together what I’ve learned, and see what progress I can make against an impossible illness; this will probably, though not certainly, put me back in northern California for a bit.

I have a cat waiting for me in LA, a friend waiting for me in San Antonio, a family waiting for me in Vancouver, and the home of my bones in the Berkshires.

It’s very quantum: I can be sure of where I am or where I’m going, but not both.

CRPS, though, I intend to sort out.

My lovely Henrietta is going to get a double coat of wax this week. It’s nearly the last thing to do before I can — carefully, slowly, gently, mindfully, in short bursts, with at least an hour each of meditation and exercise every day — begin the long drive.

I just hope the gas prices go down. I’m going to be traveling for awhile.

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