Here’s a postcard to print up and send to the health care providers in your area. It links, via smartphone pointed at the QR code in back, to one of the best and most comprehensive primers ever written about CRPS, by one of the greatest researcher-teacher doctors ever:

Front: three descriptive images, the center one showing the sympathetic and parasympathetic distributions, and the outer ones showing a man and woman in graphics showing what it feels like. Text below says that CRPS is systemic and research is ongoing because we still don't know the effects on all the systems involved.

Front of postcard. Image from RSD/CRPS Research and Developements.

Back of postcard: QR code linking to the article mentioned on front.

Back side. May need to finesse the printout to make it look good. Image from RSD/CRPS Research and Developements If anyone wants to clean this image up and send it to me, thousands of people would be grateful 🙂

These images were developed and promulgated by Sandra Martineau and staff at the RSD/CRPS Research and Developements page on FaceBook.

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