Getting held up by New York

I’m working on a novelette about the meningitis madness of last month. Until I get it done, let me entertain you with another tale of traveling with pain. About five years ago, I fled an intolerable situation in California and, being pretty sure I was in my last few months … Continue reading

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My sweetie got here safely, despite the macramé of transit between there and here. I spent the day reorganizing the car, throwing away a couple of bags and coming up with some donations for goodwill. We’re one hour outside of Kansas City, which I drove all the way through from … Continue reading

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A good day

Tired beyond belief but made it to Greenville, Illinois. I’m going to take a nap before doing anything further, and if it lasts until tomorrow, so be it. The epsom bath can wait for a change.I’m in an EconoLodge paying far too little for an airplane hangar with two queen … Continue reading

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