Being clear about being grateful

We visited our favorite hot springs last week. There’s a hot pool that’s very hot indeed. When I alternate between that and the cold pool, preferably dipping several times, it becomes quite a fabulous experience. Whether it’s the lymph getting going properly for a change, or toxins (the few that … Continue reading


Poem: From the silence

Chaos of terror and battering storms of emotionBashing the hull and ripping at the rigging —Can’t tell: is water pouring over outsideOr pouring in inside?So much it’s hard to say.Will something come loose? What sail could hold against this?What rudder keep on?Doesn’t matter…. It doesn’t matter. These are the ones … Continue reading


Active learning

I’ve always been fidgety. When I get MRIs, I really annoy the techs because I think I’m holding perfectly still, but my body goes twitch-twitch-twitch. They think I’m doing it on purpose. I can’t even tell. Feels like stillness to me. Aristotle was famous for walking with his students while … Continue reading

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