Seat-shaped rock in a shallow stream.

The Place to Be

On a rock in a river

Clean quiet murbles and shushes

everything Not Me drawn gently off

So easy.


Skeeters drift on, slackjawed with peace.

Dogs huff and slosh in the shallows,

Just going by,

In furry certainty

That happy playtime is normal

And right.


White white aspen tickles

Blue blue sky

And the birds zip

& comment benignly

up there.


The wet scent

Of contentment

Soaks to my marrow

And I’m finally



Seat-shaped rock in a shallow stream.

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    1. Thank you very!

      There should be Share widgets. (Not everything handled my last template upgrade well. I’ll wrestle with that later.) If there aren’t, then copying the link or using your browser’s Share feature should do the trick.

      Thanks again! I’m so glad 🙂

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