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Many itchings! — 2 Comments

  1. This is fascinating-you’ve certainly done your research! One question-I think I know the answer, but is lemon balm and lemon mint the same? I have loads of lemon mint and also fibro and IC. I’m wondering if a bath or tea of it might help me. I’m so glad I found your writings. You write so well, and with great information.

    • They’re related, but not the same. Both are technically in the same family as mint. I’ve never tried lemon mint. If you do, then if you find your skin more tender or yourself becoming a wee bit more irritable or the nerves a little jumpier, then avoid the lemon mint. I find peppermint to be very provocative neurologically, spearmint barely okay, and catnip/catmint somewhere in the middle. Your Miileage May Vary 🙂
      Thanks for the nice compliments!

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