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CRPS terminology, under the nervous grin — 2 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, I can not wait for the name of it to change. Everyone that hears pain in the name of the condition automatically puts you in a category with addicts. I am not nor will I ever be addicted to anything. Yes I live with CRPS daily and hate when someone asks what “CRPS” stands for just because of the name of it so I have quit telling them and started explaining it to people.

    • Brilliant. I admire your patience with explaining.

      There are two huge problems with the word “pain”, one of which is the “oh you [expletive] addicts” response, as you mentioned. The other is that everyone else, including providers, thinks they understand about pain.

      CRPS pain is *a whole different kettle of fish.* It is NOT like any other pain out there. A fractured femur? Piece of cake. Unmedicated childbirth? Training wheels. This pain, due to the physical changes in the brain and spinal cord, create types and intensities of pain that non-CRPS people *simply can never feel*, as well as the nuanced yet relentless disruptions of so many other body systems tied into the relevant parts of the central nervous system.

      I totally agree that pain should not be in the name, because it simultaneously fixes people’s attention, and confuses them to the point that they can’t understand that *they can’t understand.* Sigh.

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