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A “bag of tricks” post: Care in Western NE, loads of info sources, and why long car trips hurt so much — 3 Comments

  1. I would like to thank you for posting your article. I am from Western Massachusetts, Close to Springfield. When I was first diagnosed with RSD/CRPS I was referred to Baystate Pain Management. I saw several different doctors there, at least three or four. That was in 2012 at that time, I was told there was nothing they could do for me. First visit I was given a LSB it didn’t work and they didn’t suggest trying anything else. This was the early onset of CRPS were articles state to be aggressive with treatments. That didn’t happen. Last visit there told I needed a psychiatrist and therapist to learn to deal with the pain.Never went back, they were of no help at all.. I would hope that they would have doctors now that can treat and manage care for RSD/CRPS. I did try acupuncture at Baystate, didn’t receive pain relief, would just go into a flare. In 2015 I was referred for a IME (workers comp injury) I meet the most amazing, knowledgeable doctor, who specializes in treating RSD/CRPS. A doctor who said he could take over my treatments ( with Judges permission) that he could help me. Tears ran down my face, a doctor that can help me. It will be two years this December that I have been treating with this doctor. With a two hour drive one way, and your article about the vibration is spot on. But what I have learned with RSD/CRPS there are pain management doctors and there are pain management doctors who specialize in treating this disease. May everyone find a compassionate doctor who will treat you and never run out of options. And that two hour drive in the back seat, with lots of pillows and blankets is one hell of a ride, I feel every bump, shooting nerve pain, tears down my face, in pain. But when I arrive at destination I know I have the most compassionate doctor waiting to treat me.

    • I’m so glad you found a good one! Please feel free to share your doctor’s name and location, if you feel okay about doing so. We sure could use some options out here!

    • I am so glad you found a good one who helps you!! Please feel free to mention your doctor’s name — I support sharing treatment info, and that includes good doctors ūüôā

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