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  1. Oh… one caveat; many people can be allergic or cross reactive to chamomile. This can be subtle or profound and can show up as agitation instead of sedation, stomach pain, asthma, congestion or angioedema (swelling). For folks who have a lot of mixed symptoms from other health problems it can be easy to miss, but can also get worse over time. Those who are allergic to ragweed, carrot, or celery are most at risk. Just something for people to be aware of.

    • I’m not nearly the allergy geek you are, so I’m taking note. Since chronic CRPS can lead to more allergies over time, this is worth tucking in the back of my mind for future ref… Ragweed allergy is so common it’s hardly notable, but I had no idea it could be cross-allergic with these other things. Not that I want to borrow trouble 🙂 I’m just tucking it into my mental FYI/just-in-case kit.

    • Thanks, hon :#) I love having an article linked to, because it makes it clear even to the meanest intelligence (mine, at times) that I wrote a truly useful piece. /warm fuzzies/

  2. I added another paragraph about herbs generally. They’re a resource well worth exploring and, thanks to the internet, you can get hold of anything that could help.

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