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Recipe: Even Brain Food Shakes evolve — 2 Comments

  1. That’s like astronaut food. What happens if you don’t take it? And has your stomach improved since you started doing the veg and fruit separately.

    I love kale – steamed and then turned in the frying pan with some garlic and olive oil and a touch of chilli.

    BTW. I’m glad you’re moving the blog because these days when I open this site some other windows try to pop up too.


    I found that my teeth were getting fragile again. I hunted around, checked all my supplements, and realized — smacken zie forhead! — that there’s phosphorus in lecithin, and you have to take calcium and phosphorus separately in order to absorb the calcium.

    I took lecithin out of the morning shake, and just use it in the afternoon shake. My teeth are back to their too-sharp selves 🙂

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