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Your normal is my catatonic — 3 Comments

    • It certainly sounds sensible when laid out like that, doesn’t it?

      I still have to pack, move, get laundry done etc. I find that, instead of drifting in a cloud of resentful weariness, I’m deliberately “chilling” with a conscious effort to be as calm as the moment allows. When I’ve finished my tea, there’ll be a 10-minute burst of packing. When the alarm goes off at the end of that, it’s back to the chair with my feet up, time for a bit of fruit and morning meds, and chilling for at least another half hour.

      My time limit on the internet has made my online time extremely efficient. It’s possible this concept of fixed-time activity is a really useful one. We shall see.

    • After a few days of these conscious acts of rest whenever I can be still, getting the antitoxin bath all the way out to the smallest muscles at every reasonable opportunity, I’m already less desperately weary.

      Just a bit, not so much that it’s time to change things, but it sure is an encouraging sign.

      I’ve also gotten more packing and cleaning done than I have in weeks of simply waiting for the next burst of energy to show up.

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