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  1. I just had craniosacral therapy for the first time this week, after my mom telling me about how much it’s helped her (she doesn’t have CRPS but has been convinced it would do wonders for me) for a year, and despite being something of a skeptic about it all, I was quite surprised by how much it helped and how much better I felt when I left. I’m quite sad that the woman who treated me is two states away from where I live and I can’t see her regularly, but now it’s clear mom was right and I definitely need someone like that close to home (Southern California, and not close enough to any major city to be useful :P).

    It’s great to read about your experiences and know that this has really helped someone else with CRPS at a level similar to mine. It gives me some confidence that pursuing this as a treatment is worth it. 🙂 (Violet from Facebook)

    • It’s wonderful when you find something that really makes a difference, isn’t it? Best of luck with finding a gifted — or at least competent — practitioner you can get to.

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