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Gluten exposure and recovery – Testing myself (silly me) — 5 Comments

  1. I can relate! I have not seen a movie in a theatre for almost 30 years because I am so allergic to corn that the inhaled protien molecules from the smell of popcorn (which are just the right size to enter the bloodstream through the nasal membrane) cause anaphylaxis for me. I knew that was also true for seafood, peanuts and a few other protiens, but I guess I’ll add wheat (gluten) to that list. More wonders of the human body, eh? In what universe was that an evolutionary advantage??
    Glad you got some remedies to help! I generally have to use epinepherine, but once that’s done what it can do, there’s the ongoing aftermath, which as you say, ain’t fun… I use some similar tools. A mix of ascorbic acid powder (from tapioca as most vit c is derived from corn) with potasium and sodium bicarbonate works similarlly to the tums alkaselser mix.
    And I too use a number of alternative protcols to help avoid that aftermath being too prolonged or too vigorous. There are a number of great self help protocols in Donna Eden’s “Energy Medicine”. Most are derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, but she has put these together into usable routines for all kinds of bodilly high jinks. A great tool. We never left home without a copy all the years we were raising two kids who’d got the gift that keeps on giving from their mom (hyper IgE immune dysfunction)…. despite which they still love thier old mum and say they’d hate it if I were “normal” (when I occassionally grumble about being such a freak). I love your writing, Isabel! Though I wish you health and healing I hope you never de-evolve into normal!Lili

  2. Your remark pulled my day out of the crapper, Lili 🙂 Thank you!

    I’d love to know your source for non-corn ascorbic acid. I look for fruit or rosehip based vitamin C. I’ll add it to my kit, thanks!

  3. Hi Ho, Isy! I’m so glad to be “getting to know you” (as much as the venue allows)! You can check with a local compounding pharmacy for non-corn derived vit C (it is sometimes made of beet, sago palm or potato as well) but there is so much ignorance about sourcing, this will only work if your pharmacist is already knowledgeable or open to being educated. Having said this, cultivating a working relationship with a good compounding pharmacist willing to do leg work with manufacturers and get creative with you in meeting your needs can be worth a great deal!

    Barring that, finding out the straight goods often means going to the manufacturer with questions. After I had an anaphylactic reaction to certified organic grapefruit seed extract (which puzzled me as I tolerate grapefruit and citrus products well as long as there are no pesticide residues) I found out (after considerable effort and persistance to the point of bulldogishness) that as part of the processing, the grapefruit “slurry” is sprayed with vit C (from corn) to stop it from oxidizing. Great!

    The product I use and think very highly of is Vitamin C from Tapioca by Ecological Formulas of Concord California. A good source (for Ecological Formulas products and other products that are less toxic/designed for the environmentally hypersensitive is the American Environmental Health Foundation ( http://www.aehf.com/ ) associated with the Environmental Health Centre of Dallas ( http://www.ehcd.com/ ) home of the very brilliant Dr. William Rea, which has some good resources for testing etc.

    I looked into vitamin C from Acerola cherry which is supposed to be an awesome anti oxidant as well, but could only find either non organic or certified organic which was sweetened with corn derived manitol… So the Ecological Formulas is probably your best bet. Maybe it’s carried locally where you are as well; it’s worth checking. Up here in the (Teehee) frozen north it’s unavailable so I get it shipped up in kilo containers. Me and my shipments of mysterious white powders! I’m always afraid some overzealous customs uniform will mess around with my shipment while eating corn chips! So far, it’s survived border crossings intact…

    As for “normal”, yeah… as my old hermit friend Hugh says to me, “God no, you’re not normal! Still, you may be a freak, but consider the alternative…”
    (As long as we can evade those pitchforks and flaming brands!) Lili

    • Lili, I’m still digesting all this wonderful information. Yum yum!
      I’ll look into these a bit more and add them either to the “Pertinent Links” or “Impertinent Links” sections to the right 🙂

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