On being human, or bearing the unbearable

Mythology helps me put my mind outside my ideas of what’s impossible, and thereby live constructively despite CRPS. More on that later, probably, but here’s an hour’s private lesson with the greatest practical mythologist of all time.

Good for playing over & over while you do other things, and let different bits surprise you on each replay.

C.G. Jung In His Own Words – The World Within [FULL DOCUMENTARY]:


(With grateful thanks to the L. A. Institute for Carl Jung, for providing this whole film on YouTube.)

It’s always too easy to sneer at a superficial glance at the work of those who’ve gone before. There was a time when I thought Jung was pretty wacked, with his giving mythological caricatures such a powerful place in the mind. How simplistic!

Like all superlative work, it only looks simple from a distance. The closer you get to it, the more mind-glowingly complex, subtle and profound it becomes.

I meant to write “mind-blowingly” there, but, for once, autocorrect may have gotten it right.

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